1. QUESTION: So there you are…. It’s early in the morning. You wake up to someone walking into your room. You open your eyes and find me standing in front of you as I am in this photo…..

What do you do? (Explicit details please!)

I woke up like this 66 2 weeks ago
  2. When I call your phone it should look like this. Love you @kylegoffney #fahylando 19 4 weeks ago
  3. QUESTION: I’ve lost my body shape….. Why? 

I only go to the gym once a week, I know I should go more but damn it’s so hard….. #fahylando on Instagram. 266 1 month ago
  4. Tempted to touch! #fahylando #lajolla (at La Jolla Cove) 42 1 month ago

@fahylando #fahylando 80 2 months ago
  6. QUESTION: Describe me in three words……?  @fahylando #fahylando 25 2 months ago
  7. QUESTION: Would you come to the beach with me? #fahylando @fahylando 53 2 months ago
  8. The Grand Canyon #fahylando #thegrandcanyon #grandcanyon @fahylando 17 2 months ago
  9. I looked over to the left, a reflection of myself, that’s why I couldn’t catch my breath. 

Kik: Fahylando 165 2 months ago
  10. At the beach #fahylando (at La Jolla Cove) 37 2 months ago