1. About to take a blue bath! 6 2 days ago
  2. This always stops me from arguing with people. 43 1 week ago

@fahylando #fahylando 47 1 week ago
  4. QUESTION: Describe me in three words……?  @fahylando #fahylando 12 1 week ago
  5. QUESTION: Would you come to the beach with me? #fahylando @fahylando 38 1 week ago
  6. God I hate this fucking haircut…..! (at La Jolla Cove, Ca) 12 2 weeks ago
  7. Beautiful La Jolla Cove, California.  (at La Jolla Cove, Ca) 25 2 weeks ago
  8. I slept and woke up at the beach to be on time to beach selfies with the seals….  (at La Jolla Cove, Ca) 16 2 weeks ago
  9. The Grand Canyon #fahylando #thegrandcanyon #grandcanyon @fahylando 13 2 weeks ago
  10. I looked over to the left, a reflection of myself, that’s why I couldn’t catch my breath. 

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